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Health Analytics Summit 2022 - A Recap!

So many exciting things happening in the Healthcare analytics space, and what bigger impact than driving improved patient care, prevention, and cure with data.

Paul Horstmeir - Chief Operations Officer and host of HAS 22

This years Health Analytics Summit hosted by Health Catalyst (NASDAQ: HCAT), exclusively for its clients and partners, did not disappoint.

This years focus was about “Embracing the Human Side of Healthcare Analytics," and throughout the week we looked at the patient and building systems that allow team members to deliver better care using data and analytics.

There were two general sessions that I found particularly engaging, both focused on human behavior but tangential to data.

Shawn Achor - The Happiness Advantage

According to Shawn (happiness researcher and bestselling author), our formula for happiness is broken. We tend to equate happiness with certain achievements or milestones (e.g., “I’ll be happier when I accomplish X.”) As a result, we keep happiness on the opposite side of a moving target, making it elusive. Research shows that success doesn’t improve happiness, but rather happiness is a precursor to success.

In our field, we have spoken at length with many of our employees who value impact, and they define this as the thing that makes them happiest at work. Being happy at work is only a part of being happy in life so ensuring that impact at work does not come at the cost of life outside of work.

This is a common theme in Shawns teachings, and here is a link so that you can watch a similar TED talk of his in 2011.

Dr. Marzyeh Ghassemi, MSc, PhD - Designing Machine Learning Processes for Equitable Health


We are constant trying to remove biases across our business and this gave me more food for thought when assessing where we can improve, from hiring to delivery. At Proactiviti we are constantly looking for ways to be more effective and improve on our goal to make technology careers more broadly accessible in LATAM. We can start by constantly challenging the biases that we've learnt over our broad and varied lives.

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