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How our clients ride the wave to the nearshore.

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You are more than just a client, you are a partner, a colleague. We believe you should love who you work with as much as the work itself.

Non-Profit Community Care

Improving Lives With Data

Cloud Data Platform, Modernizing Visualization & Reporting


A growing non-profit making impactful progress to support homelessness and lack of opportunity for underprivileged communities in the Pacific Northwest was undergoing significant digital change and a merger with another state 501c3 organization.

With upgrades to financial, HR, and forecasting processes and systems underway, Proactiviti were engaged by the board to help modernize the institution's enterprise architecture and data & analytics maturity.


Led by a Senior Enterprise Architect ("EA"), we stood up a small and talented team to assess the current landscape, build a data integration plan, and begin to modernize the tools and processes the organization would use.

The team, under the guidance of the EA brought structure and speed to the data onboarding process by introducing new frameworks and architecture to the cloud data platform. The BI engineer was able to analyze reporting priorities and develop a plan to modernize reports into an enterprise dashboard catalog using data visualization best practices, and configuration of the Microsoft Power BI architecture.

New frameworks for data sharing and integration were implemented between core front-line HR and finance systems by the business support developer, enabling improved data quality and consistency for the reporting products.


The organization have seen drastic improvements in speed to delivery of reporting, a significant improvement in data quality and trust of reporting, and higher availability of vital data sets for reporting and analysis.

The office of the CFO now has automated board reporting and a finance team that is able to perform investigative cause and effect analysis on reliable and scalable data sets.

All of this means a vastly improved level of service to the communities the organization served, from faster identification of priority investments to visibility into SLA’s and impact and effectiveness of programs.

Working with a partner that has strong policies and procedures, training, device security, and an inclusive culture ensures that you’ll thrive with a global team. Let’s embrace the diversity and reap the benefits, together!

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