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Outsourcing is not created equal.

Come ride the wave to the nearshore.

Extend your development teams seamlessly with our remote teams, in your timezone, at a fraction of the cost.

Affordability and quality. No compromises.

50-55% lower
costs than onshore

on average

work with our teams of technologists in the same time-zone

We leverage the worlds #1 emerging technology economy to source our talent.






Why Nearshore? Why Proactiviti?

Local, US-based consulting providing high-touch service

Timezone aligned
technology delivery teams






Hybrid. Low-Cost 

We combine onshore service with low-cost nearshore engineering talent to make the most of your budget.

How we work. Simple & Effective.

We don’t believe in making things difficult. You can engage with us for one-person to help get something done, a whole team to help you scale, or give us the problem to solve - no matter how big or small.

The people you need, when you need them.

Scale your project

with a pre-built team

of specialists.

We can take your

product vision and

deliver a high-quality product, end-to-end.





Solution Outcomes

Technology Delivery. It’s what we do.

Our technologists have a wealth of experience to help you build and integrate technology across a broad yet focused set of disciplines.

Derive valuable insights from your data

through analytics.

Data &


Build modern &

scalable, software products

Software Development

Inject intelligence into your processes to

unlock efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

User Experience Design

Craft beautiful,

integrated, and user-centric experiences.

Data Privacy & Security

Put in measures to safeguard your data

from theft & misuse.

Technology Strategy

Modernize how technology is used in

your business.

Our clients are our partners.  We walk the journey together and invest in your success.

Trusted. By Startups to the Fortune 500.

The Proactiviti team have become our first choice partner, not just in low-cost technology delivery, but as a strategic advisor - they care about our success and it shows.

Chief Financial Officer, Telecom Client

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