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The global software developer and tech talent shortage are likely to harm economic growth around the globe. Many organizations are not able to access external help with the expensive nature of talent in developed economies and from traditional consulting firms.

Why work with us


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Our developers are trained, certified  and constantly evolving with the latest  marketplace technologies.

Find the talent you need fast and without risk, guided by our highly effective and experienced customer success team.

Lower costs and access highly skilled resources while maintaining control of your technology solutions.

Rapidly grow your team with talent working in the same time zones, as an extension of your team.

Flexible team arrangement based on your goals. We can provide one developer, or an entire NDC (Nearshore Development Center) for your company.

We help you structure, manage and scale your future software development team.



You and your company are helping to build a sustainable and equitable market of talent in LATAM, giving people the opportunity to develop their careers at a company that is focused on providing opportunities to under represented populations. 


Where are your team members based out of?

Our technologists are distributed across Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina. They mostly work from home, but we have secure, dedicated co-working spaces for the teams to collaborate regularly in all major locations. Our US operational hub is located in Miami, and our LATAM operations in Quito, Ecuador.


How do you handle contracting and legal agreements?

Proactiviti is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) legally operating under US law and taxation. Your services agreements are with our US entity and we handle the employment and remuneration of our staff under all LATAM jurisdictions, taking the hassle and cost away of hiring developers multiple distributed countries.


How do you evaluate and hire your technology team members?

Our staff undergo a rigorous, structured interview and assessment process before being hired. There are approximately 3 hours of online tests specifically focused on their technical discipline, a take-home project, English written and verbal assessments, behavioral screening, and a federal background check.


Do we get a chance to vet people that we'd like to engage?

Of course. We know how important it is to ensure that the people you are getting are both a cultural and skills fit.


What happens if we find certain people not to be a good fit?

We understand that sometimes needs change, or that people are not a perfect fit. If this happens our dedicated Customer Success Lead that is assigned to your organization will work on a transition plan that suits you and provide you with alternate people. We guarantee the quality of all of our people.


Do your developers have all the certified equipment they need?

We provide all our employees and team members with the appropriate laptop, accesories, monitors, HD webcam, and headset. Our technologists are provided with developer-grade laptops to ensure they have the power they need to get the job done. Furthermore all our devices are secured with 2-factor authentication, encrypted, and remotely administered by Jump Cloud. Access to our corporate AWS, Azure, and GCP resources are made available as needed.


What if we need them to utilize our hardware and software?

If your security policy dictates that our developers must use your hardware, then we can arrange to have it collected and shipped to the developers securely with our specialist DHL hardware carrier service, at our cost.


How do you train and certify your technologists?

Many of our technologists join Proactiviti already certified in certain disciplines. However, we have a clear development and career path for each technology discipline that includes all the necessary certifications required at each level. We certify our people in at least one major discipline, and often multiple minor ones. Examples are Azure Data Enginer, AWS Solutions Architect, Snowflake SnowPro Core.


What is your approach to the wellbeing and health of your team?

We are not an agency. This means we are providing real careers for real people. All our people get paid time-off (including holidays), private healthcare coverage for their families, and wellness perks. 


Is there a minimum engagement size or number of people?

Unlike many nearshore or offshore organizations, we don't carry a minimum number of people that you would need to contract. However, we do ask that the minimum duration of any engagement is 3 months.


We are majority hispanic owned and run and our founders are deeply connected to their LATAM roots and know what it means to strive for equality and equity.

We are proud to be
certified as a minority diverse supplier by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

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