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How our clients ride the wave to the nearshore.

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You are more than just a client, you are a partner, a colleague. We believe you should love who you work with as much as the work itself.

Telecoms & Retail

Customer Connectivity

User Experience Design, Application Development, Back-End Integration


You just rebranded your customer-facing presence across web, social, and in-store channels. But your in-store customer-facing app looks and works like it was built in the 1980s.

This national telecoms provider engaged Proactiviti to re-invent their in-store and call-center app. With a pending system-wide overhaul on the horizon, they needed to be sure that anything that is built is extensible and will connect easily to new systems without a rebuild.

The app needs to be scalable and provide real-time functionality accessing multiple cross-platform systems - all working seamlessly and incorporating the new corporate brand… oh, and it needs to be ready in 12 weeks.


Clearly, a splash of paint wasn’t going to cut it for this one, but the timeline was so tight. What do you do?

Assembling a cross-functional and broadly-skilled team was critical in ensuring we could operate with flexibility and autonomy.

Starting with mapping the user-journey and existing re-usable system components, the team quickly established the initial release scope and vision.

Rebuilding the old and painfully slow C# webforms app into a modern and containerized React JavaScript app with a new API tier was clearly the way to meet the goals of future extensibility, modern look-and-interaction, and performance.

The Proactiviti team set up a new agile-focused project that released features quickly and often for speedy user feedback, allowing users to be part of the journey and graduate training and change.


The project was a resounding success, releasing into all stores and call-centers to replace the aging app, with just a one-week extension to the expected timeline.

Users were given a fully refreshed and modern experience that they were (for the first time ever) able to share with the customer, with significantly improved functionality such as:

  • 64% more customer data and analytical information

  • Improved navigation and user experience

  • Responsive app design suited to desktop or tablet

  • Electronic contract signatures (no more printing)

  • Enhanced customer search

  • Network services reset functionality

  • Sub-second performance

  • Full HubSpot CRM integration

The client team was provided with training documentation, introduction videos, and a repository of code, test results, and access to the original Jira agile board (including requirements and technical build specs/commentary).The journey wasn’t without its hurdles, but our commitment to quick feature releases and user feedback allowed us to graduate with flying colors. As we share this success story with new clients, we invite them to embark on their transformational journey with us, knowing that innovation and excellence await.

Working with a partner that has strong policies and procedures, training, device security, and an inclusive culture ensures that you’ll thrive with a global team. Let’s embrace the diversity and reap the benefits, together! To learn more about how Proactiviti works with our international clients, visit us at

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