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How our clients ride the wave to the nearshore.

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You are more than just a client, you are a partner, a colleague. We believe you should love who you work with as much as the work itself.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Modernizing Healthcare Analytics

Back-End Modernization, Full-Stack Engineering, Scalibility and Performance


The measurement of care quality is one of the most tightly governed regulations in the healthcare industry, and it applies to every provider in the US.

As part of their product suite, our client provides hospital networks with an application to automate the data ingest, rules processing, and visualization of complex measures to allow providers to report their quality of care.

As their business grows, and regulations change, there was a need to re-engineer the platform to allow more flexibility in measure rule definition, scalability in data ingestion, and to containerize the application components.


A small team of full-stack engineers spanning mid-career to principal were landed to build help define and execute on tactical improvements.

We were able to scale a team in a few weeks, and make immediate impact on development velocity.

Our senior and principal engineers began to assist the development lead to define future platform improvements and build architectural blueprints, prototypes, and development roadmap and associated backlog.

The stack was a mixture of Ruby on Rails (MVC), Java, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Mongo, and Docker—all running on AWS infrastructure.


Critical and tight deadlines set by regulatory bodies and the need to allow for ample testing meant building a team quickly, with the requisite experience and communication skills.

The team was assembled quickly, able to onboard in days, and contribute to improving the development velocity ensuring the client could communicate their confidence in meeting deadlines to providers and regulatory bodies early.

The project is ongoing, and progressing with more velocity than expected, allowing for broader platform improvement to begin earlier.

Working with a partner that has strong policies and procedures, training, device security, and an inclusive culture ensures that you’ll thrive with a global team. Let’s embrace the diversity and reap the benefits, together! 

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