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Banking & Investment Markets

Leveraging Generative AI to Reduce Investment Risk

Software engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


Imagine an artificial intelligence capability that could assist quants and investment analysts with fast and accurate analysis of investment portfolio risk just through generative AI?

Well, that is the product that this startup needed help to build out, with orders in from the world’s largest investment banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions already secured, it was critical for the product to build to perform at scale!


Working alongside Berkeley data-scientists, quants, and actuaries, the application was built to analyze trillions of data points across numerous investment scenarios and historic market conditions to provide progressive answers to questions posed through a generative AI interface.

Proactiviti were engaged to design the user experience and build the architecture and user-experience around these proprietary patented algorithms, integrating a gen AI capability to the data, at scale.

Our team of 4 engineers worked with the client’s product teams to define scope, user journeys, and features before building the prototype app and ultimately the first pilot product that was market ready.


Getting a working prototype into the hands of the target investment banks allowed for rapid feedback on usability of the application and effectiveness and accuracy of the genAI response engine.

Our team was able to work quickly and effectively, and with focus, to build a development rhythm with teams in three time-zones (West-coast, East-Coast, and the UK) to hit tight initial timelines and prove out a highly complex product, at scale.

The product is now being scaled for market-readiness and this has enabled a second round of seed investment to be secured.

Working with a partner that has strong policies and procedures, training, device security, and an inclusive culture ensures that you’ll thrive with a global team. Let’s embrace the diversity and reap the benefits, together!

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